Margot DeCarie Collection of Amelia Earhart Photographs


Margot DeCarie Collection of Amelia Earhart Photographs


Margot DeCarie is the donor of over sixty photographs of Amelia Earhart, her family, friends, and others connected with the pilot to the International Women’s Air and Space Museum. Although DeCarie herself is not present in the photographs, she was often close to the pilot. She was Earhart’s secretary and eventually became an avid admirer of the famous aviator. Many of the photographs she dated in French and altered by cutting out the figures and pasting them to graph paper or cardstock. Also, the she claimed original ownership of the photographs by writing “Photos courtesy of Margot DeCarie” in neat cursive writing on most of what she donated to the IWASM. After Earhart’s disappearance in 1937, DeCarie continued to live where her employer last resided – in North Hollywood, California – until her death in March 1983 at the age of 79.


Margot DeCarie Collection of the International Women's Air & Space Museum

Collection Items

Amelia Earhart and two women at Lake Erie College
Amelia with Ruth McCracken (left) and Sue Grant (right) at Lake Erie College.

Amelia Earhart Circular Portrait
This portrait of Earhart, included in a collection kept by her secretary, Margot DeCarie, also appeared on the cover of The 99 News, Volume 13, No 7, July 1987.

Amelia Earhart in Beech-Nut Autogiro
In May 1931, Earhart took off from Newark, NJ on her first transcontinental autogiro tour. The autogiro craft in which she flew was ordered specially for the aviatrix by the Beech-Nut Packing Company to promote their chewing gum. The autogiro was a…

Amelia Earhart talking to an unknown man
Earhart stands conversing with a man on a sunny day in Texas.

Amelia Earhart in Toluca Lake
In the 1930s, Earhart and her husband, George Putnam built their home in Toluca Lake. There Earhart lived until her 1937 around-the-world flight from which she never returned. It is rumored that a carob tree on the property that still stands was…

Amelia Earhart with Flowers
Earhart is greeted after an aerial journey with flowers and photographs.

Amelia Earhart with man and woman
Earhart stands talking to a man and woman in front of a plane. The inscriptions on the photograph read, "Anderson FEB 12 1935 Permatone," and "Fred @ White."

Amelia Earhart with Husband
In the spring of 1932, Earhart and her husband, George Putnam arrived in Cherbourg, France. They were greeted with flowers by frenchman M. Quoniam.

Amelia Earhart with Her Lockheed Electra
The Lochheed Electra was developed in the 1930s and was made famous by Earhart.

Amelia Earhart and Men Wearing Leis
Amelia's first attempt at a a world-round voyage ended after her plane landed in Hawaii and was seen to be in need of serious repair. Here she is seen after her plane landed on the island.
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