Women Airforce Service Pilots

The Women Airforce Servie Pilots (WASP) was a group of volunteer civilian women pilots that formed during WWII in order to relieve men for combat duties overseas. Women who successfully completed their seven-month WASP training were stationed at 120 United States Army Bases.  By the time of their disbandment on December 20, 1944, the WASP had flown over 15 million miles in training and 60 million miles in operation flights. Over 30 thousand women applied to join the WASP.  Eighteen hundred and thirty were accepted and only 1,074 graduated.  The Women Airforce Service Pilots exhibit describes how the WASP was formed, gives a brief biolgraphy of WASP director Jacqueline Cochran, and the disbandment and eventual recognition of the first women to fly United States military aircraft for the Air Force.  The exhibit features the graduation picture, class number, and hometown of each of these successful WASP graduates.