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Cecil "Teddy" Kenyon wearing a pilots uniform for a promotional photo for the 1939 movie, "Tail Spin."

Rosetta Zimmerman standing next to a plane.

Shown here is Anesia Machado's first pilot license that she acquired in Brazil in 1922. She later also obtained a United States pilot license in 1943. Caption on the back of this photograph:

My first license
#77 FAI
April 9, 1922

German aviatrix Thea Rasche sits in the cockpit of a plane holding an award.

Caption on the back of the photograph reads:

Thea Rasche
License #6700

The only woman flyer in Korean Air Force, Kyung O. Kim is seen standing in front of her plane in 1972.

Photograph by Denis Renningers.

A reproduction of an illustration from the Musee de L’air N’ of French balloonist Sophie M. Blanchard-Armant.

This photograph is a reproduction document from the Musee de L'air N'.

A reproduction of a photograph from the Musee de L’air N’ of balloonist Fanny Godard holding a sandbag in a balloon at the Paris Trivoli Gardens in France.

This photograph is a reproduction document from the Musee de L'air N'.

From left to right, Nancy Bird Walton, Peggy McKillop, and an unidentified passenger in New South Wales, Australia in 1935. Walton and McKillop were the first female barnstormers in Australia. Walton called it the first Ladies Flying Tour of…

Irish aviatrix Mary Heath stands in front of a plane in Ireland.

Back caption reads:

Lady Mary Heath
License # 5333

British aviatrix Lady Mary Bailey stands on the lower wing of a plane talking to a person below her in a photograph by the International Newsreel in New York, New York.

Cecil "Teddy" Kenyon is pictured holding her trophy after winning first prize in the 1933 National Champion Sportsman Aviation Event in Roosevelt Field, New York. Kenyon beat thirty-nine others, the majority men.

Scriptwriter and the United States' first aviatrix Blanche Stuart Scott sits talking to actor and former Air Force Major General James Stewart on the set of "Spirit of St. Louis." Stewart played Charles Lindbergh in the film. Blanche was Jimmy's…

Mitilde E. Moisant was the second woman to get a pilot's license in the United States. The same year she learned to fly Moisant broke the women's altitude record.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Walter Kimoteck

Jimmy Stewart, playing Charles Lindberg in the film "Spirit of St. Louis," talks to former female aviator and script writer Blanche Stuart Scott.

Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes,standing behind the bar of her ranch talking to a guest. She was a record breaking aviatrix, stunt pilot, and member of the Ninety-Nines. In 1935 she bought land in southern California's Antelope Valley where she built…

A portrait of Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes.

Test pilot Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes stands in front of a piano surrounded by friends at her ranch in Antelope Valley in southern California. The dude ranch, called the Happy Bottom Riding Club, hosted many of her fellow Hollywood test pilots,…

A portrait of Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes.

Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes standing next to a plane.

Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes standing in front of a small aircraft in her flying attire.

Eleven people at the White House. From left to right, the first four people are unidentified. Fifth from the left is Wilbur Wright and President William Howard Taft is next to Wilbur. Orville Wright is on the other side of President Taft with…

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