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A group of seven Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) walk side by side at the Fairchild plant in Hagerstown, Maryland. From left to right, those walking are:
Kathryn (Sis) Bernheim,
Gertrude Meserve,
Dorothy Fulton,
Betty Gillies,…

Geraldine “Jerri” Sloan Truhill kneels to polish the wing of a Beech Bonanza plane while her co-pilot, Martha Ann Reading, lays underneath the plane. The women are preparing the Beechcraft Bonanza H-35 for the 12th All Women's Transcontinental Air…

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Aviatrix Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran standing in front of her plane that is adorned with a victory wreath.

Aviatrix Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran standing in the cockpit of a T-38 plane.

Elisabeth Borelli stands by her plane holding her helmet.

French pilot Anna-Marie Peltier, pictured here with her arms crossed next to a plane, was a F-27 captain for the Air Intern in France. Attached to the photograph is a typed description in French.

French pilot Marcelle Choisnet-Gohard in a flight suit getting into a small plane. She held international records for gliding. A paper attached to the bottom of the picture has a description typed in French.

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A compilation of nine photographs of notable individuals in flight accompanying an advertisement for Beechcraft planes, featuring a story about early female pilot Blanche Stuart Scott and her flight in a Beechcraft model. These clippings come from an…

Ruth Nichols standing in front of her plane, wearing a fur flight suit by Akita. This picture was taken before her world altitude record flight.

655A-Ruth Law.jpg
Ruth Law sits with her hands at the lever controls of her self-built aircraft. The hand-written caption on the back of the photograph reads "Center section view of Curtiss Model E. [illegible] which I had built for my exhibition flight and won med…
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