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A group of seven Women in the Air Force (WAFs) walk side by side toward a large military plane on an airfield. Among those walking are K. Bernheim, G. Tubbs, D. Fulton, B.Gillies, H. McGilvery, T. James and N. Batson.

Jerri Sloan Truhill kneels to polish the wing of a Beech Bonanza plane while her co-pilot, Martha Ann Reading lays underneath the plane. The women were both well-known aviatrixes. Truhill was one of the thirteen women who passed all of the…

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Famous aviatrix Jacqueline (Jackie) Cochran stands in front her plane that is adorned with a victory wreath.

Aviatrix Jacqueline (Jackie) Cochran standing in the cockpit of a T-38 plane.

Elisabeth Borelli stands by her plane holding her helmet.

French pilot Anna-Marie Peltier, pictured here with her arms crossed next to a plane, was a F-27 captain for the Air Intern in France. Attached to the photograph is a typed description in French.

French pioneering pilot Marcelle Choisnet-Gohard, pictured here in a flight suit getting into a small plane, was an international glider champion. A paper attached to the bottom of the picture has a description typed in French.

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This edition of the New York World-Telegram featured a story of the celebration in Washington, D.C. for fifty years of powered flight. The first page featured nine photographs of notable individuals, Row 1- Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright, and Berliot.…

Ruth Nichols in fur flight suit by Akita before her world altitude flight.

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Ruth Law sits with her hands at the lever controls of her self-built aircraft. The hand-written caption on the back of the photograph reads "Center section view of Curtiss Model E. [illegible] which I had built for my exhibition flight and won med…
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