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Coverall worn by Ruby during her employment with the US Geological Survey

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Aviation Handheld Transceiver Set used by Ruby during her time with the US Geological Survey

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Helmet worn by Ruby during her flights with the U.S. Geological Survey

A group of seven Women in the Air Force (WAFs) walk side by side toward a large military plane on an airfield. Among those walking are K. Bernheim, G. Tubbs, D. Fulton, B.Gillies, H. McGilvery, T. James and N. Batson.

Jerri Sloan Truhill kneels to polish the wing of a Beech Bonanza plane while her co-pilot, Martha Ann Reading lays underneath the plane. The women were both well-known aviatrixes. Truhill was one of the thirteen women who passed all of the…

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Famous aviatrix Jacqueline (Jackie) Cochran stands in front her plane that is adorned with a victory wreath.

Nichols was a very much a humanitarian and involved aviation in her efforts to serve those in need in areas of disaster.

This picture of flying record-breaker Ruth Nichols appears to have been cut out of a magazine. The bottom caption reads "'The Life Saver' Pilot Ruth Nichols." Behind the well-dressed and young-looking Nichols is a plane with a Life Saver logo on…

This picture, found in the Ruth Nichols Photograph Collection, appears to have been developed using early photographic techniques and materials. The woman in the photograph is lavishly and elaborately dressed with her hair done up. It is unclear…
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