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Pictured here is Captain Sanders, the pilot of the seaplane behiind him that Ruth Nichols and her hunting party, including her two brothers, used when going to and from Ontario, Canada for a moose hunting expedition in October 1929. Visible to the…

Ruth Nichols stands at the door of her Bear Lake Camp cabin in which she stayed during her moose hunting trip to Ontario, Canada in October 1929. Beside her stands her brothers.

Early, record-breaking pilot Ruth Nichols stands garbed in hunting attire between two male hunting friends. Nichols had traveled to Canada in October 1929 to experience Moose Hunting season.

Pictured here is a log cabin reflecting in a lake. This scene was from the hunting camp at which famed aviatrix Ruth Nichols stayed during her hunting trip to Canada in 1929.

Famous early pilot Ruth Nichols gathers with members of her hunting party outside of log cabins in Ontario, Canada. Nichols had gone out searching for moose in the month of October 1929. The handwritten caption on the back of the photograph reads,…

While hunting in Ontario, Canada in October 1929, either the well-known pioneer female pilot, Ruth Nichols or one of her hunting party managed to take down a rather large moose. The reverse side of the photograph claims the moose head, which is…

While visiting Ontario, Canada in October 1929, record-breaking aviatrix Ruth Nichols stands with an unknown individual beside a seaplane.

This photograph of Ruth Nichols shows the famed aviatrix standing in hunting attire holding a hunting riffle. Nichols spent October 1929 hunting in Ontario, Canada.
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