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Pictured here is the wreckage of Marvel Crosson's plane. Her plane inexplicably failed under suspicious circumstances during her flight from Santa Monica to Cleveland in the 1929 Women's Air Derby. Crosson was just twenty-five at the time.

A close up of Marvel Crosson smiling happily. The young but accomplished aviatrix was one of the participants in the 1929 Women's Air Derby. Unfortunately, her plane malfunctioned and crashed, costing the twenty-five year old her life.

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Bobbi was an early aviator who participated in the 1929 Women's Air Derby and was the second woman to break the non-refueling endurance record. In this 1929 picture, Bobbie is modeling a newly designed electrically-heated flying suit.

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Mary (May) Haizlip waves from her American Eagle plane. She is about to take off as a participant in the 1929 First Wome's Air Derby from California to Ohio. It lasted from August 18 to 26. The pioneer aviatrix was the second women to receive her…

Aviatrix Louise Thaden was the winner of the first Powder Puff Derby (then called the Women's Air Derby) in 1929, and the first winner of the Bendix Trophy in 1936. Here she stands holding her victory wreath earned after arriving first to Cleveland,…

Led in conjunction with National Air Races, the first Women's Air Derby took place from August 18 to the 26, 1929. The nineteen women who participated flew from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland. Louise Thaden won with a flight time of 21…

Florence Lowe Barnes, more well-known as Pancho, was a stunt pilot in California, and the founder of the first movie stunt pilot's union. In addition, she ran the Happy Bottom Riding Club a dude ranch and restaurant that catered to nearby aviators.…

Contestants stopped in the middle of the first Women's Air Derby, what was once called the Powder Puff Derby, in Paul Cox Airfield in Terre Haute, Indiana. Nineteen women participated in the race which began in Santa Monica, California and ended in…

Women pause at Paul Cox Airfield in Terre Haute, Indiana two days before the end of the first Women's Air Derby. The foreground plane, No. 66, Swallow J-5, was flown by Ruth Elder. The other, No. 113, Curtiss Robin Challeger, was flown by Vera Dawn…

Photo of Ruth Elder standing on Paul Cox Air Field during the 1929 first ever Women's Air Derby Race. Elder is seen here smiling with planes in the background. Caption on the back of the photograph reads "Three cheers for Ruth!!! Always…
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