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Ruth Nichols sits high in the cockpit of a white Crosley Radio Plane before her attempt be the first woman to cross the Atlantic. She started on June 22, 1931 at the Floyd Bennet Airport in New York. Unfortunately her flight was short lived. Later…

Well-known aviatrix Ruth Nichols is congratulated after setting a new altitude record by fellow pilot Clarence Chamberlin and his wife, Wilda.

Amelia Earhart flies over Pennsylvania in the Beech-Nut Autogyro during her transcontinental flight.

In May 1931, Earhart took off from Newark, NJ on her first transcontinental autogiro tour. The autogiro craft in which she flew was ordered specially for the aviatrix by the Beech-Nut Packing Company to promote their chewing gum. The autogiro was a…
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