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Aviators Nancy Bird and Peggy McKillop, and an unknown passenger (left to right) are leaning against a plane in New South Wales, Australia in 1935. Bird and McKillop were the first women to barnstorm - perform tricks in the air. Youngest Australian…

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Earhart relaxes at home during the Christmas holidays in 1935.

Earhart stands with an unknown woman with her plane close by.

In 1935, Earhart and husband George Putnam bought a house in Taluca Lake, North Hollywood, CA. Here we see the couple (right) standing in front of their new home, which was in the process of being extensively renovated.

Earhart watches men as the work to renovate her and her husband's new house in Taluca Lake, North Hollywood, California.

Amelia Earhart broke two world records flying her lockheed Vega, including her famous flight across the Atlantic.

Earhart stands talking to a man and woman in front of a plane. The inscriptions on the photograph read, "Anderson FEB 12 1935 Permatone," and "Fred @ White."
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