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1976 philadelphia convention.jpg
A group of Ninety-Nines gathers in a hotel room during the 1976 Ninety-Nines Convention to discuss the proposed Ninety-Nines Museum, which would later become IWASM.

IWASM's first president Doris Scott sits reclined on the bed in the center,…

Black and white photograph of Elisabeth Borelli wearing a dark flight suit and holding a helmet underneath her right arm. Behind her is a plane. The photo is inscribed in ink, "My best wishes to American pilots Elisabeth Borelli 1978"

'Black and white photograph of Anna-Marie Peltier wearing dark trousers and three-quarter jacket. She stands with her arms crossed and wears sunglasses. Behind her is a plane and snowy mountains.

Peltier was an F-27 captain for the Air Intern in…

Color photograph of Louise Sacchi wearing a dress shirt and a vest, standing with her hand on the tail of a yellow, white, and black Beechcraft airplane. Tail number E-24-26.
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