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Aviatrixes Blanche Noyes, Louise Smith, and Virginia Thompson, presenting the first Amelia Earhart Day Cover to President John F. Kennedy.

A group of aviatrices stand by President Kennedy at the White House for the Amelia Earhart First Day Cover Presentation. From left to right: President John F. Kennedy, Louise Smith, Blanche Noyes, Virginia Thompson, Alice Hammond, Marion Andrews, and…

Blanche Noyes (front row, third from the right, in overcoat) and a large group of aviatrixes pose for a photo during a Women's Advisory Committee on Aviation (WACOA) meeting on May 20, 1974.

Aviatrix Blanche Noyes poses for a photograph is a Weiant Aircraft Sales Co. of Newark, Ohio aircraft.

Blanche Noyes receives award at Salem College.

Ohio's first female licensed pilot Blanche Noyes is a guest of honor at a banquet.

Photo by Linell Vines.

Four aviatrices, Blanche Noyes, Helen Richey, Helen MacCloskey, and Louise Thaden, pose for a photo.

Ohio's first licensed woman pilot Blanche Noyes poses in her flying attire.
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