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A compilation of nine photographs of notable individuals in flight accompanying an advertisement for Beechcraft planes, featuring a story about early female pilot Blanche Stuart Scott and her flight in a Beechcraft model. These clippings come from an…

Aviatrixes Blanche Stuart Scott and Clara Adams pause to have their picture taken at an event, most likely an air race. Scott was the first female test pilot and the first women to fly long distance in America. Adams was the first women to fly across…

Scriptwriter and the United States' first aviatrix Blanche Stuart Scott sits talking to actor and former Air Force Major General James Stewart on the set of "Spirit of St. Louis." Stewart played Charles Lindbergh in the film. Blanche was Jimmy's…

Jimmy Stewart, playing Charles Lindberg in the film "Spirit of St. Louis," talks to former female aviator and script writer Blanche Stuart Scott.
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