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Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols most likely received many letters from fans. This is one such letter in which Nichols is asked for her assistance in detailing a photograph of herself.

Ruth Nichols sits high in the cockpit of a white Crosley Radio Plane before her attempt be the first woman to cross the Atlantic. She started on June 22, 1931 at the Floyd Bennet Airport in New York. Unfortunately her flight was short lived. Later…

Cecil "Teddy" Kenyon is pictured holding her trophy after winning first prize in the 1933 National Champion Sportsman Aviation Event in Roosevelt Field, New York. Kenyon beat thirty-nine others, the majority men.

Mitilde E. Moisant was the second woman to get a pilot's license in the United States. The same year she learned to fly Moisant broke the women's altitude record.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Walter Kimoteck

Earhart stands gazing off in her flying gear in New York, New York.

After Earhart and George Putnam married in 1931, the couple moved to Putnam's family home in Rye, New York. Here Earhart is shown pushing a wheelbarrow on the property in 1932. The couple only stayed at their east coast residence for a few years. …
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