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A plane, most likely one piloted by well-known aviatrix Ruth Nichols, is visible past a chain-link fence. Mechanics seem to be working on and around the aircraft.

Earhart looks through binoculars while standing on her Lockheed Electra with Harry Manning, captain of the S.S. United States.

In 1935, Earhart and husband George Putnam bought a house in Taluca Lake, North Hollywood, CA. Here we see the couple (right) standing in front of their new home, which was in the process of being extensively renovated.

Earhart and husband George Putnam pose together in an arch in Rye, New York. The couple moved to the east coast after their marriage in 1931 where they stayed until moving to California a few years later.

In mid March 1937, Earhart departed from California on her first attempt to fly around the world. With her are Paul Mantz, Harry Manning and Fred Noonan.

Amelia's first attempt at a a world-round voyage ended after her plane landed in Hawaii and was seen to be in need of serious repair. Here she is seen after her plane landed on the island.

Stunt and racing pilot Paul Mantz is seen standing with Amelia Earhart. The pair are pictured waiting for the start of the Bendix Trophy Race of 1934. The race started in Burbank, California and ended in Cleveland, Ohio. That same year Mantz…

Earhart poses next to a speed limit sign on a seemingly windy, cold day.

Amelia with Ruth McCracken (left) and Sue Grant (right) at Lake Erie College.

Earhart stands with an unknown woman with her plane close by.
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