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One of the 2 Styrofoam cups submerged in the Arctic. The cups shrunk to a drastically small size.

Ruby was awarded this plaque after participating in 26 air races. Ruby has numerous Air Race Classic Medallions with her collection along with various scrapbooks from participating in the races.

Ruby was presented with this medallion when she was inducted to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame

2015.01.02 set.JPG
Aviation Handheld Transceiver Set used by Ruby during her time with the US Geological Survey

Coverall worn by Ruby during her employment with the US Geological Survey

Statue of a bear made by a Native American while in Alaska

A tan dress worn by Ruby as a littler girl.

Very small compass used by Ruby throughout her travels

A handmade Native American basket collected by Ruby during her travels. There are many other Native American pieces within the collection.

A photograph of Ruby on a boat assumed to be taken before she started flying
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