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Nichols was a very much a humanitarian and involved aviation in her efforts to serve those in need in areas of disaster.

This picture of flying record-breaker Ruth Nichols appears to have been cut out of a magazine. The bottom caption reads "'The Life Saver' Pilot Ruth Nichols." Behind the well-dressed and young-looking Nichols is a plane with a Life Saver logo on…

This picture, found in the Ruth Nichols Photograph Collection, appears to have been developed using early photographic techniques and materials. The woman in the photograph is lavishly and elaborately dressed with her hair done up. It is unclear…

Ruth Nichols, wearing pants, a collared shirt, and a headband stands in front of a relatively small plane. She is posing in her favorite way, with her hands in her pants pockets and a smile on her face.

Possibly from her teen years or early twenties, this portrait of the soon-to-be famed aviatrix shows a pretty Ruth Nichols wearing a thin, white necklace and staring off to the right. On the back of the photograph is a list of self-criticism, such…

Famous early pilot Ruth Nichols looks a bit mismatched in a sweater with a collared shirt underneath, flight pants, and a plane helmet. Part of a large plane rudder is visible behind the smiling aviatrix.

Ruth Nichols sits atop a house's stone stoop on a sunny day. The famous female pilot sports a full skirt, large beret hat, and a smile.

In this photograph strip tha consists of two images, Ruth Nichols, an incredibly successful female pilot of her time, sits at a table next to an unknown man with two others standing beside them. The first photograph is fairly clear with Nichols…

Ruth Nichols, widely known as an accomplished aviatrix of her time, sits high on the wings of fairly large, non-commercial plane. On the side of the plane are the names "Anoco" and "Akila."

RN42-post card.jpg
On the front of this postcard, Ruth Nichols, a famous female pilot, tests out a nautical instrument on a Navy boat.

Record-breaking aviatrix Ruth Nichols stands on at the bow of a navy boat with an officer. The Navy man is showing Nichols how to operate a nautical instrument.

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols stands on a train station platform wearing a full length, double-breasted coat, headband, and strapped shoes. She appears to be looking for the train or somebody to arrive.

Famous Aviatrix Ruth Nichols sits in the Air Control Center holding a paper and wearing a headset. She appears to be sending out a message using Morse code. Behind her stands a male airplane pilot in uniform.

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols sits for a portrait wearing a leather flight jacket. Silver flight wings are pinned to her chest.

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols sits for her portrait wearing a stylish fur-lined, white coat.

Dressed in a nice woman's suit and wearing a pillbox hat, record breaking aviatrix Ruth Nichols is seen waving from the window of a plane.

This photograph shows Helen Hayes (ground) greeting famous aviatrix Ruth Nichols. Nichols is sitting on the wing of her Lockhead Vega, the plane in which she went on to break three records: speed, distance and altitude. The latter record was just…

During her impressive flying career, Ruth Nichols set a new Transcontinental flying time record. Pictured here is Nichols in her Lockhead Vega in Burbank, California on 1 December 1930 after flying from the East to the West coast in 17 hours. Ten…

RN33-on cardboard.jpg
Famed aviatrix Ruth Nichols is seen in this photograph standing in front of a military plane. Although wearing a dress, she appears to have a flight suit draped across her left arm.

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols most likely received many letters from fans. This is one such letter in which Nichols is asked for her assistance in detailing a photograph of herself.

Found in the a collection of photographs gathered by famed female pilot Ruth Nichols is this picture of a plane, most likely from the 1930s, sitting upon a cement runway.

Three women, dressed in the style of the 1940s and 50s, stand all with their hands clapsed in front of a small plane. A man is barely visible in the cockpit window. The left-most woman is most-likely Ruth Nichols.

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols stands in front of a Crosley Radio Plane. Brothers Prowel Jr. and Lewis Crosley, founders of Crosley Radio, were inventors who were responsible for the first airplane radio broadcast in…

Record-breaking pilot Ruth Nichols sits for a picture. Smiling, she wears a white headscarf and large-collared shirt.
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