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Ruth Nichols before or after setting an altitude record.

Photograph by H. A. Sohoenhals.

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols is shown in civilian attire next to an elderly woman and a male pilot. The threesome are standing in front of a plane.

An enthusiastic Ruth Nichols gives a big wave and smile while sitting on top of a plane's wing.

Lone female pilot Ruth Nichols stands next to a plane, surrounded by a group of men appearing to be pilots and mechanics.

Photograph by H. A. Schoenhals Photography.

Well-known aviatrix Ruth Nichols is congratulated after setting a new altitude record by fellow pilot Clarence Chamberlin and his wife, Wilda.

Ruth Nichols is seen in her regular clothes standing in front of a large airplane.

Photo by Schoenhals Photography

Two military men and two mechanics are seen standing next to a sea plane.

Record breaker Ruth Nichols sits in a plane cockpit with a Chamber of Commerce employee and pilot.

213-Ruth Nichols.jpg
Famous and record breaking aviatrix Ruth Nichols poses in a casual fashion in front of a plane.

RN1-Rear Wing Airplane.jpg
The famous, record breaking aviatrix, Ruth Nichols sits in white on the rear wing of this airplane. The jumpsuit clad men appear to be working on the plane's mechanics.
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