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A plane, most likely one piloted by well-known aviatrix Ruth Nichols, is visible past a chain-link fence. Mechanics seem to be working on and around the aircraft.

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols stands in front of a Crosley Radio Plane. Brothers Prowel Jr. and Lewis Crosley, founders of Crosley Radio, were inventors who were responsible for the first airplane radio broadcast in…

This picture, found in the Ruth Nichols Photograph Collection, appears to have been developed using early photographic techniques and materials. The woman in the photograph is lavishly and elaborately dressed with her hair done up. It is unclear…

Aviation pioneer and multiple record breaker Ruth Nichols most likely received many letters from fans. This is one such letter in which Nichols is asked for her assistance in detailing a photograph of herself.

RN1-Rear Wing Airplane.jpg
The famous, record breaking aviatrix, Ruth Nichols sits in white on the rear wing of this airplane. The jumpsuit clad men appear to be working on the plane's mechanics.

Famous early pilot Ruth Nichols looks a bit mismatched in a sweater with a collared shirt underneath, flight pants, and a plane helmet. Part of a large plane rudder is visible behind the smiling aviatrix.

Famous early pilot Ruth Nichols gathers with members of her hunting party outside of log cabins in Ontario, Canada. Nichols had gone out searching for moose in the month of October 1929. The handwritten caption on the back of the photograph reads,…

Famous female pilot Ruth Nichols poses for a photograph with her arm around a little girl. Behind them sits a Curtiss aircraft.

Famous Aviatrix Ruth Nichols sits in the Air Control Center holding a paper and wearing a headset. She appears to be sending out a message using Morse code. Behind her stands a male airplane pilot in uniform.

Ruth Nichols, widely known as an accomplished aviatrix of her time, sits high on the wings of fairly large, non-commercial plane. On the side of the plane are the names "Anoco" and "Akila."
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