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A group of seven WAFS walk side by side toward a large military plane on an airfield. Among those walking are K. Bernheim, G. Tubbs, D. Fulton, B.Gillies, H. McGilvery, T. James and N. Batson.

A group consisting of Jacqueline (Jackie) Cochran, Betty Gillis, Helen McGilvery, unidentified WASPS, WAFS and a uniformed military man.

Pilot Nancy Harkness Love and Colonel Robert Norman Baker worked together for months, planning the formation of the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS). Here the two stand in front of an aerial map at the New Castle Army Air Base (NCAAP) in…

Lereo a. James and Betty Gillies September 24, 1943. Evansville and P47 modification center.

Betty Gillies, Evelyn Sharp, Barbara Erickson, and (?) Richards pose in front of a plane.

Left to right (in WAFS alert room - NCAAB
Gertrude Meserve
Dorothy Fulton
Betty Gillies
Nancy Batson
Esther Nelson

In the alert room, NCAAB (WAFS)
left to right - Gertrude Tubbs, Nancy Batson, Betty Gillies (kneeling), Teresa James, Esther Nelson, Dorothy Fulton.

WAFS at the Fairchild plant in Hagerstown, Md., assemble to pick up PT-19s to ferry to Air Force bases. Dressed in winter flying suits, - the winter of 1942-, they are briefed by Control Officer, Capt. Framk. (left to right) Betty Billies, Squadron…

Betty H. Gillies, Commander of Women Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron, Air Transport Command, Army Air Forces, New Castle Army Air Base, Wilmington, Delaware.

Army Air Forces Photo

Aviatrix Betty Gillies on the flight line with parachute and P-47
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