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WASP Class of '43-7 Wilhelmina M. Teerling sits in the cockpit of the large B-25 T-635 plane called "Wah-Hoo-Wah."

WASP Wilhelmina M. Teerling smiles back at the camera from the cockpit of a BT-13A.

Wilhelmina M. Teerling poses for her class photo. She started her WASP training as a member of the class of 43-W-5 and graduated in the class of 43-W-7.

Class of 1943 WASP Wilhelmina M. Teerling sits in a PT-19 at Avenger Field, WASP training grounds.

Women Airforce Service Pilots or WASPS were a group of female aviators that formed in September 1942. This pioneer group of women were employed to fly military aircraft during WWII under direction of the United States Army Air Forces. Women from the…

In 1944 at Mather Field women gather for B-25 Transition Training. In the top row are Winifred Wood, Ana Morgan, Alaire Bennett, Katherine Joy Merratt, Pat Seares, Carolyn Clayton, Captain "Wimpy" Wimberly, Ellie Bryant, Kaddy Laudry, Aleta Grill,…
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