Ruth Nichols


The Ruth Nichols Collection was accessioned into IWASM in May,1979. The material was donated by The New England Section Connecticut Chapter of The Ninety-Nines, Inc. The 99s which is an international organization of licensed women pilots was founded in 1929 by Ruth Nichols and Amelia Earhart. Ruth was a member of the New York and New Jersey Section. She was born in New York City in 1901 and lived in Rye, New York from 1915 unti1 her death in 1960. Ruth Nichol s was one of the many early flyers who dedicated their uves to aviation.

The papers in the collection date from 1859 (a handwritten letter to an "Amanda" from a "May") to 1970 (a posthumous tribute booklet prepared by the 99s Connecticut chapter). The material fills nine file drawers and eleven Hollinger boxes and is organized into the following series and subseries:

1. Flights -competition and records
2. Business -employment and independent ventures
3. Relief Wings -humanitarian aid organization
4. Aviation -airplanes, equipment, airports
5. Groups -memberships and organizations
6. Authorship -speaking and writing
7. Biography -agents, publicity, biographies , 8. Peace -activities and affiliations
9. Correspondence
9A. Business
9B. General
9C. Named
9D. Personal
10. Fami1y -personal papers, correspondence
11. Other -miscellaneous items
12. Press -news clippings
13. Albums -scrapbooks, photo collections
14. Maps -aerial and road maps, charts
There are no restrictions on the use of these materials.


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