Edna Gardner Whyte


The Edna Gardner Whyte Collection was accessioned August 8, 1992. The collection fills 31 folders in 2 Hollinger boxes; it comes from two sources that were inadvertently comingled in the early stages of processing. Some of the material comes from the estate of Edna Gardner Whyte, and the rest was donated by her biographer, Ann Cooper. It is unclear how much of what was found in Ann Cooper’s files was given to her by Edna Gardner Whyte herself, however, both sets of papers included similar items, such as original and photocopies of newspaper clippings, photocopies of some of Whyte’s business papers, original photographs, and programs and score sheets from air derbies. The bulk of the material, which dates from the early 1930s through Whyte’s death in February of 1992, consists of photocopies of press clippings about Ms. Whyte.

For more materials relating to Edna Gardner Whyte, see the IWASM artifacts collection, accessions numbers 1992.25.1-1992.25.32B, 1992.25.33. See also the Ruth Nichols and Virginia Thomas Collections, and Rising Above It, E.G. Whyte’s autobiography, co-written with Ann Cooper, in the IWASM library. Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas has a collection of clippings and magazine articles related to E.G. Whyte, and, as of March 1999 was processing a much larger, more comprehensive collection of E.G. Whyte materials.

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