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One of the 2 Styrofoam cups submerged in the Arctic. The cups shrunk to a drastically small size.

Color photograph, aerial view of Beechcraft single-engine planes on an airfield next to a building that reads "Beechcraft" in red letters on the side. A crowd of people stands in the center of the airfield.

The Spanish Fleet was delivered by…

Black and white photograph of three people standing in front of a plane, all waving to the camera with their left hands. From left to right: Dr. Leon Pisculli, Edna Newcomer, William Ulhrich. The men are both wearing trousers, lace-up boots, and…

Black and white photograph of a biplane in a field, with people milling about.

Contestants stopped in the middle of the first Women's Air Derby in Paul Cox Airfield in Terre Haute, Indiana. Nineteen women participated in the race which began in…

Three planes that flew in the 1929 Women's Air Derby at the Paul Cox Air Field in Terre Haute, Indiana. The race began in Santa Monica, California on August 18 and ended in Cleveland, Ohio on August 26.

Black and white photograph of 14 women standing on a stage with a banner behind them reading "Welcome Powder Puff Derby Contestants 1966." In the center right under the "1966" stands Bernice Steadman, holding her 1st place trophy.

'Black and white photograph from above of 33 women standing in a lobby. Photo includes Blanche Noyes and other Women's Advisory Committee on Aviation members, Federal Aviation Administration.

Caption on the back of the photo reads "'Women's…


The IWASM Board meeting attendees at the May 1991 Annual Meeting. The meeting took place in the exhibit area of the Asahel Wright Home, Centerville, OH.

From left to right, front row: Sarah Byrn Rickman, Bernice "B" Steadman, Nancy Hopkins Tier,…

Black and white formal portrait of Second Officer Abigail Davis in her pilot's uniform and hat, with wings pinned to her chest. She is holding a binder and a pen.

Caption on the back of the photo reads "Abigail Davis Second Officer, Boeing 727 …

Wolak, Addie.jpg
Roll 65
Class of 43-6

Connolly, Alisa.jpg
Class of 44-10
"Ain't that a pistol"

Ruby was awarded this plaque after participating in 26 air races. Ruby has numerous Air Race Classic Medallions with her collection along with various scrapbooks from participating in the races.

Black and white photograph of a single-engine biplane parked next to a United States Mail Air Mail truck. Both vehicles are parked outside of a building labeled "Wichita."


A plane, most likely one piloted by well-known aviatrix Ruth Nichols, is visible past a chain-link fence. Mechanics seem to be working on and around the aircraft.

Kierstead, Alice (Lucky).jpg
Class of 44-9
"That's f-"
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