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Amelia with Ruth McCracken (left) and Sue Grant (right) at Lake Erie College.

This portrait of Earhart, included in a collection kept by her secretary, Margot DeCarie, also appeared on the cover of The 99 News, Volume 13, No 7, July 1987.

In the 1930s, Earhart and her husband, George Putnam built their home in Toluca Lake. There Earhart lived until her 1937 around-the-world flight from which she never returned. It is rumored that a carob tree on the property that still stands was…

Earhart is greeted after an aerial journey with flowers and photographs.

Earhart stands talking to a man and woman in front of a plane. The inscriptions on the photograph read, "Anderson FEB 12 1935 Permatone," and "Fred @ White."

In the spring of 1932, Earhart and her husband, George Putnam arrived in Cherbourg, France. They were greeted with flowers by frenchman M. Quoniam.

The Lochheed Electra was developed in the 1930s and was made famous by Earhart.

Amelia's first attempt at a a world-round voyage ended after her plane landed in Hawaii and was seen to be in need of serious repair. Here she is seen after her plane landed on the island.

This picture of Earhart sitting in her Lockheed Vega, the same aircraft in which she made her famous transatlantic voyage, was featured in the Annual Solemn Memorial Eucharist program. The caption read, "Amelia, still wearing her leather flying…
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