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Black and white photograph of Becky Center wearing trousers, dark shoes, winter coat, gloves, and glasses standing with her right arm on the nose of a small single-engine plane.

Caption on the back of the photo reads "Charles Steinbrunner Dayton…

Black and white photograph of Jerrie Cobb wearing a light-colored blouse and skirt, with pearl necklace and pearl earrings. She sits in the cockpit of an Aero Commander plane.

Caption on the back of the image reads "Aero Commander Photo by Dale…

655A-Ruth Law.jpg
Black and white photograph of Ruth Law, wearing lace-up boots, trousers, and a single-breasted jacket with a medal pinned above the left pocket. She also wears a plaid cap. She is seated in the center section of a Curtiss Model E Pusher biplane The…

Streeter, Virginia.jpg
Class of 43-5

Irvine, Suzanne.jpg
Class of 44-10
Deceased "_

Baldner, Mary.jpg
Class 44-9
"Oh boy, is this sexy!"

Davis, Elizabeth.jpg
Class 44-9
"That I must see"

Garvin, Eugenie.jpg
Class of 43-5

Hurlburt, Marge.jpg
Roll 63/ Deceased
Class of 43-6

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