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Pictured here is a black and white copy of the cover of the March 1932 edition of contemporary popular magazine The American Magazine. The front features famed female pilot Ruth Nichols. Ruth Nichols' story appears inside: "Behind the Ballyhoo" by…

Earhart reads congratulatory telegrams while wearing her leather flight suit in Ireland. She had just completed her first solo transatlantic flight.

Amelia stands in front of her Lockheed Vega in Ireland after her first solo transatlantic flight.

Amelia Earhart is standing with the Laughlin family who were the first to greet her in Culmore, Ireland after she landed from her solo, transatlantic flight. In her hands she holds a sheaf of congratulatory telegrams.

Here Earhart sits next to a bust statue of herself. The artist responsible for the statue, Brenda Putnam sits to the right. Putnam is the cousin of Earhart's husband, George Putnam.

After Earhart and George Putnam married in 1931, the couple moved to Putnam's family home in Rye, New York. Here Earhart is shown pushing a wheelbarrow on the property in 1932. The couple only stayed at their east coast residence for a few years. …

Amelia sits with her mother, Amy Earhart in North California. Mrs. Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas in 1869 and outlived her daughter, passing away in 1962.

Earhart is seen holding papers and telegrams in Londonderry, Northern Ireland after her first solo transatlantic flight from Newfoundland to Culmore, Ireland.

Earhart stands smiling in a field in Ireland after her first solo transatlantic flight. She had flown across the Atlantic four years earlier in 1928; however, Earhart was not the pilot of that aircraft.

In the spring of 1932, Earhart and her husband, George Putnam arrived in Cherbourg, France. They were greeted with flowers by frenchman M. Quoniam.
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